Igor Rivin

Igor Rivin, Ph.D. is Professor of Mathematics at Temple University. Dr Rivin is a world-renowned mathematician, whose contributions include solutions of long-outstanding problems in Geometry, Probability Theory, Combinatorics, Dynamics, and other fields. Dr Rivin's Ph. D. advisor (at Princeton) was Fields Medalist William P. Thurston.

Dr Rivin has also made important contributions to computing and computer science, as well as various areas of Applied Mathematics. He worked on the Macsyma system for symbolic and mathematical compution, was a Director of the Qlisp project at the Stanford Computer Science Department, and was a principal developer and Director of Advanced Development of the Mathematica™ system for mathematical computation.

Dr Rivin also has extensive experience in quantitative finance, including Statistical Arbitrage, Market Microstructure, Derivatives, Risk Analysis, and other areas.

Dr Rivin has held regular and visiting faculty positions all over the world, including Caltech, Stanford University, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Normale Superieure, Warwick University, the Sir Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, ETH-Zurich, and many others.

Dr Rivin has consulted at the Susquehanna International Group, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the NEC Research Institute.

Dr Rivin has had many prestigious awards throughout his career, including the First Prize at the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad (won at age 15), two NSERC (National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Undergraduate Research Awards, a Princeton University Fellowship, an NSERC Postgraduate Fellowship, a Warwick Research Fellowship, an EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of Great Britain) Advanced Fellowship, the London Mathematical Society Junior Whitehead Prize, the Lady Davis Foundation Fellowship, and the Temple University Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award

Further detail on Dr Rivin's research can be found on his Temple University web page.

Dr Rivin is the son of Eugene Rivin, a celebrated inventor, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University, and a founder of TRIZ Group.